Americká 84 676
Františkovy Lázně 351 01

Tel. +420 354 542 501
Fax +420 354 542 503


The hotel´s rehabilitation and spa department highly professional personnel is perfectly equipped. All the appliances used there match the most demanding treatment requirements.

The hotel physicians and medical staff are highly skilled, with special focus on treatment of blood circulation and locomotive organs problems, which have been treated in Františkovy Lázně for centuries.

Local rich mineral water sources are used in the balneal treatment, having positive effect on the human organism. The numerous minerals help after accidents and surgeries making the process of recovery faster, or provide relief from chronical health problems.

Relaxation stays during which the guests relieve their organism and recharge their batteries in nice and modern environment are very popular, too.

The centre offers:

  • reflexive foot sole massage
  • classical masage
  • underwater foot massage
  • water massage
  • underwater body massage
  • carbonic bath
  • pearl bath
  • bath with Austalian salt
  • peat wrappings
  • dry carbonic wrappings
  • gas injections
  • biolamp
  • Lavatherm (Fango)
  • oxygentherapy
  • ultrasound
  • electrotherapy
  • magnetotherapy
  • laser therapy

At the beginning of the health care stay, every guest goes for a doctor´s examination. Upon the examination, the physicians submit curative programme appropriate for the patient’s state of health. The guests go to three spa procedures a day and their state of health is monitored throughout the stay and may be changed if necessary.

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