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Božena Němcová theatre

Božena Němcová theatre of Františkovy Lázně offers to spend your free evenings in its walls. Leading theatre groups, actors and actresses, singers and entertainers of the Czech Republic perform in the pleasant atmosphere of the theatre building.


Natural reservation called SOOS is situated nearby the town of Františkovy Lázně. It is a large peat moss with mud volcanos and mineral springs. A shuttle bus is provided to get there easily.

Františkovy Lázně

The face Františkovy Lázně is part of the spa. You will find there numerous beautiful parks and promenades, mineral spring halls, colonnade and beatiful buildings make the peaceful surroundings for your walks.

Komorní Hůrka

In the close vicinity of Františkovy Lázně there is the former volcano called Komorní Hůrka, where traces of the then volcanic activities can still be found. J.W. Goethe explored the place during his stay in Františkovy Lázně.


In summer, classical music concerts are held in the town parks. Music lovers will definitely enjoy concerts in the town churches as well.


Trips in the spa triangle area are organized throughout the whole year, Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně being the most popular destinations. Guests interested in sightseeing may visit the castles of Cheb, Skalná or Seeberg as well as the chateau of Lázně Kynžvart, one of the gems of the |Czech history.

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