Léčba We heal by nature

Spa stay

Stay using all hotel services, focusing on diagnosis and improving the health of the guest. For treatments, we use exclusively certified natural healing resources from Františkovy Lázně, supplemented by modern equipment for physical therapies.

This is a flat stay, in the price already included

  • accommodation
  • board
  • treatment, including medical examinations and recommendations for further treatment.

Wellness stay

A shorter stay focused on rest and pleasant relaxation in a picturesque town in combination with selected rehabilitation procedures.

In price already included

  • accommodation
  • board
  • selected procedures

Our offer


  • classical masage
  • full body massage
  • lavastones massage
  • reflexive massage
  • reflexive foot sole massage
  • manual lymphatic drainage
  • apparatus lymphatic drainage
  • Hydrojet – dry massage


  • whirlpool bath
  • full body underwater massage
  • carbonated mineral bath
  • pearl bath
  • salt bath
  • ingredient bath with peat extract
  • Kneipp-Therapy

Thermotherapy and wraps

  • peloid wraps
  • dry carbon envelope wraps
  • paraffin wraps
  • Lavatherm

Physical therapy and other procedures

  • ultrasound
  • electrotherapy
  • magnetotherapy
  • laser therapy
  • gas injections
  • biolamp
  • oxygen therapy
  • inhalation
  • salt cave

Physical therapy

  • water gymnastics
  • therapeutic gymnastics
  • therapeutic gymnastics individual
  • manual therapy

Medical services

  • ECG
  • initial medical examination
  • follow-up medical examination

Hotel Bajkal - contractual care provider for the ZPMV CR registration of the provider of Spa Medical Rehabilitation Care

Obtained contracts, registration and accreditation

  • registration of the provider of Spa Medical Rehabilitation Care
  • permission to use local natural healing resources
  • accredited workplace of MZČR for teaching doctors
  • contractual care provider for the ZPMV CR


  • Diseases of the arteries of the limbs based on atherosclerotic II b. or inflammatory
  • Functional disorders of peripheral vessels and conditions after thrombosis.
  • Chronic lymphatic edema.
  • Conditions after reconstructive and revascularization operations on the vascular system outside the heart and thoracic aorta.
  • Conditions after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis I to IV. stages of evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis, including juvenile arthritis, continuously treated in outpatient care.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew's disease), systematically treated in outpatient care
  • Other seronegative spondarthritis systematically treated in outpatient care, Reiter's syndrome, enteropathic arthritis, reactive - parainfectious,
  • Secondary arthritis, systematically treated in outpatient care.
  • Painful syndromes of tendons, tendon sheaths, bursae, muscle attachments, skeletal muscles or joints (including diseases caused by vibration and long-term, excessive, unilateral overload as an occupational disease under another law).
  • Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis in systematic outpatient care of orthopedist and rehabilitation physician
  • Osteoarthritis in other locations.
  • Arthropathy.
  • Chronic vertebrogenic algic syndrome of functional origin in systematic outpatient rehabilitation care.
  • Conditions after orthopedic surgery using a joint replacement